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Modern Macrobiotic Lifestyle
Finding the Balance in your life

The foundation of happiness is health. Through a macrobiotic natural way of living and our intuition, we will be able to take responsibility for our own destiny and create a strong base for health and happiness.

Macrobiotic practice is constantly being renewed, adjusted to changing individual needs and the constantly changing environment.

Being unhappy and feeling stuck in one’s life is a major contributing factor to physical and non- physical health problems.

Any kind of food cannot satisfy our hunger for happy relationships, enjoyable work, harmonious family life, and doing what we want to do.

Macrobiotic foods can certainly strengthen us and help us to see clearer, but it alone will not automatically make us happy on every level. To do this, we have to begin a conscious process of self reflection and we must take concrete steps to create happiness day by day, in all areas of our life.

Some macrobiotic lifestyle suggestions

1. Be as active as possible in your daily life, including activities such as cleaning your house,working in the garden and others, exercise programs, such as yoga, tai chi, qi gong, weight lifting , dancing etc.

2. For the deepest and most restful sleep, retire before midnight and rise early in the morning.

3. Walk outside in the fresh air for two times 30 minutes or longer every day. In summer time it is great to walk barefoot on the grass in a park, in nature or on the beach.

4. Try to wear 100 percent cotton clothing next to the skin and use cotton sheets and pillowcases on your bed. Cotton allows a smooth flow of energy with the environment.

5. Keep green plants in your home and office to increase oxygen and improve air circulation.

6. Try to use more natural quality body care products and cosmetics. They may be better for personal health as well as for the environment.

7. If you watch television, do so at a great distance, to minimize exposure to radiation.

8. Self-reflect a few minutes each day on your life and express your appreciation to God, nature, or the universe. This may take the form of prayer, meditation, chanting, and visualization including the creation of healthful, positive thoughts and images.

9.Live each day happily. Keep mentally and physically active and maintain an optimistic and positive attitude.

10. Sing a happy song!


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