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Wellness Vacations and Health Retreats, Macrobiotic Education & Cooking on Maui Hawaii -808-575-2511


Massage Therapy Sessions
Massage unlocks and brings back the lightness of being

Lomi-Lomi Massage ( with Chinta Mackinnon )

Lomi- Lomi Massage is the Hawaiian Massage inspired by the charm and spirit of the Hawaiian mountains, ocean, land and wind. It is the “ hula of massage”. With the fragrant oils of gardenia, plumeria and jasmine, we open your senses. The rhythmic strokes and flowing movements of Lomi-Lomi take you into deep relaxation, bringing the feeling of Aloha to your heart.

“Massage brings you into deep relaxation, into increase awareness, back to yourself, to your silence, to the whole, where healing happens “

Cost: Call for pricing..808-575-2511

Lomi- Lomi Pohaku ( with Chinta Mackinnon )

Lomi –Lomi is the Hawaiians lava rock massage, using stones ( Pohaku ) smoothed by the ocean. The steamed stones glide over your muscles with nourishing avocado and olive oils melting away the tension. Leaving the stones resting on acupressure and chakra points stimulates and energizes your whole system. Pohaku massage is reminiscent of a sunny summer’s day, laying comfortable on a flat heated rock absorbing its warmth, strength and wisdom.

Cost: Call for pricing..808-575-2511

Thai Massage ( with Chinta Mackinnon )

Thai Massage is a unique combination of gentle rocking pressure and stretching. It is performed on the floor with the client wearing comfortable clothing.

Thai Massage incorporates many different kinds of passive stretching, similar to yoga positions, which increase your flexibility. The stretching and pressure around your joints and meridians loosen blockages and release energy, allowing it to flow freely.

Cost: Call for pricing..808-575-2511



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