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Wellness Vacations and Health Retreats, Macrobiotic Education & Cooking on Maui Hawaii -808-575-2511


Dietary Explorations
Choosing Health !

Radiant and vibrant health can become your reality when you know which dietary and lifestyle choices to make.

The session will give you an introduction to the healing properties of the modern macrobiotic approach of diet- a natural way of living.

You will be able to apply these intuitive principles to your everyday life, and feel empowered on your healing journey.

What happens during the sessions?

  • Evaluation of your current status of health and diet
  • Exploration of the connection between physical health, diet and lifestyle (food allergies, candida, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis
    Osteoporosis, cancer and others )
  • Understanding how food influences your emotions, behaviours and moods (stress, depression, pms, mood swings etc.)
  • Uncovering eating pattern and habits (food cravings, sugar
    addictions, weight gain or loss, eating disorders, menopausal
    symptoms etc )

The session will include guidance, inspiration and dietary recommendations.
Together we will design a plan tailored to -your health, your needs, your life- a plan that can bring you to a level of wellness where you can feel better than ever before.

Call 808-575-2511 for details.



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For registration and more info, please call at 808-575-2511 or e-mail:
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The Institute for Health & Happiness programs and services as well as all information on our web pages are educational in nature, not medical advice, and not intended to take the place of personalized medical counselling, diagnosis and treatment.