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Diet & Health Nutrition News

Whole Grains help protect from Diabetes

Adults need to eat more whole grains and grain products, according to researchers at Brigham and Women’s hospital and Harvard School of Medicine. In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, they presented data showing that whole grains are associated with lower risk of diabetes and coronary heart disease. It seems prudent ,therefore, to distinguish whole- grain rather than refined- grain cereal products for the prevention of chronic diseases,” they concluded.

Miso helps offset colon cancer

Miso- fermented soybean paste commonly used in soup- can help prevent colon cancer. In animal tests, researchers at Hiroshima University reported that a diet high in long- term fermented miso decreased induced colon tumors in contrast to the control diet, a diet high in short- term miso, or a diet high in salt..

The study indicate that “ miso supplemented into the diet, could act as a chemo preventive agent for colon carcinogenesis,” the scientists concluded in the journal Oncology Reports.

Cancer Epidemic Forecast

Up to 20 million cancer cases a year could develop worldwide in two decades, the first World Summit Against Cancer has warned.
Most new cases will be in the developing world. The spread of the modern diet, high in saturated fat and cholesterol, was cited as a main cause, along with tobacco and exposure to carcinogens. Scientists at the conference in Paris predicted that by 2020 cancer will surpass heart disease as the leading cause of death, claiming 10 million a year.

Beans Benefits the Kidneys

The consumption of beans and legumes may help protect the kidneys and heart, according to researchers at the university of Kentucky and VA Medical Center in Lexington, Ky. Dried beans can decrease serum cholesterol, improve many aspects of the diabetic state, provide metabolic benefits that aid in weight control, preserve bone mineral density, reduce menopausal symptoms and have salutary effects on renal function.
“ With the shift toward a more plant-based diet, dry beans and soy will be potent tools in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease”, the scientists concluded.

Onions Offset Osteoperosis

Onions and other vegetables can significantly alter bone metabolism and protect against osteoporosis.
Researchers at the University of Berne in Switzerland reported that in laboratory studies, onions and other garden vegetables reduce calcium loss by 20 to 32 %.

Breast- Feeding Reduces Risk of Leukemia

Babies breast-fed for six months or more developed one- third less childhood leukaemia than infants fed on bottled milk, according to a recent study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
Earlier studies have found that nursing can reduce the risk of a number of childhood infections and diseases by stimulating the infant’s immune functions by substances in mother’s milk.


Reprinted with permission” One Peaceful world”
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