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Wellness Vacations and Health Retreats, Macrobiotic Education & Cooking on Maui Hawaii -808-575-2511


Modern Macrobiotic Cooking Classes
Nourish your Way to Health and Vitality

Sabrina’s natural whole food cooking classes are designed for all who seek a healthier life style, as well as for those with conditions such as

Food Allergies
Emotional Imbalances like Depression and Stress
Menopausal Symptoms and PMS
Weight loss and weight gain
High Cholesterol
Osteoporosis ,
Cancer and others

Learn how easy it is to prepare a delicious and nourishing meal. Discover the healing potential of foods and their ability to improve your health and well being!

All classes and workshops include a introductory lecture, food demonstrations, hands-on experience, handouts with recipes and educational material, shopping guidance and kitchen set-up guidelines.There is always time for questions and answers as well.
You also get to enjoy to eat the delicious food cooked in the class followed by a “kitchen clean up celebration”.

The foods we use are high in fiber, complex carbohydrates, low in fats, salt, no dairy products, no refined sugar. We use only fresh organic vegetables and fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds & sea vegetables.

“ Sabrina teaches in a relaxed, non-dogmatic and flexible manner, which is superbly inspiring to her students. She creates an harmonious atmosphere where her students can truly believe, they too can master the art of cooking this nourishing food.”

“ You have given me the knowledge and support to do the biggest change in my life… to change my diet.” Elizabeth Gentile

“Your classes have transformed my life- even I am not always cooking macrobiotically yet, but I am eating in a whole new way. Never thought I’d crave brown rice, but now I can’t go back.” Asmita


Natural Whole Food Cooking Classes

Macrobiotics - A natural Approach to Diet and Healing

The “Good Morning" Macrobiotic Breakfast

Soup du Jour , Salads and Desserts

Enjoy your Veggies

Cooking nutritious and tasty beans- a good source of protein and stamina

Integrating Sea Vegetables into your Diet

All natural Desserts- Sugar- free, Dairy free & low fat

Creative Lunch Menus and healthy Snacks

What’s For Dinner ?

Healthy & Happy Holiday cooking

“ Cleansing Diet- detoxing and rejuvenating “ Part 1

“Macrobiotics, a powerful tool of self healing“ Part 2

The Art of Cooking for the Spring

The Art of Cooking for the Summer

The Art of Cooking for the Indian Summer

The Art of Cooking for the Fall

The Art of Cooking for the Winter


Lectures and Workshops

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For registration and more info, please call at 808-575-2511 or e-mail:
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The Institute for Health & Happiness programs and services as well as all information on our web pages are educational in nature, not medical advice, and not intended to take the place of personalized medical counselling, diagnosis and treatment.